One point of entry

The responsive design of CertWare makes it easy for you to use the platform on any mobile phone, tablets or lab tops. One login gains you complete access to all your certificates.

Reduced handling

Digitalization of all paperwork regarding certificates.


Can be used in the office, in the operation, on the computer, mobile and tablet.

Easy Data Access

Grants complete traceability, transparency and the opportunity to recertify equipment directly through the platform.

What our customers say.

CertWare has simplified countless tasks for us – thus releasing resources and streamlining the processes and through that the performance of my team.
The result is easily visible – more value for the customer and for Blue Water in general.

Our experience is that if an idea for a change or for a new user interface pops up, the CertWare Platform has shown to be agile enough that it will adapt to any need or the idea we might have.


We have been so pleased with our cooperation with CertWare, that we have recommended our customers and suppliers to use the same platform. The more CertWare-users within our network makes our, and their, work process much easier.

Søren Messman
General Manager, Port Serivce

Kasper Poulsen
Sales Manager

Patrick Skyttehave
Team Leader, PPE

Statistics from Certware.

Estimated hours saved.

Some of CertWare’s features.

Cloud based

With a cloud-based service, you ensure quick access to information, whether it is from a tablet on the pier site or at the computer.


Opportunities of customization to fit your operations needs.


Achieve traceability by distributing responsibilities and tasks with data throughout the supply chain.


Stay on track with leased equipment through time management and document archives.


Through a transparent inspection and approval module, you gain an effective monitoring and process tool.


All documentation gathered in one place. The supervisory authorities will have easy access to a complete overview of your documents.

Our Team

Claus Harbo

Board Chairman & Partner

Anders Klastrup

Chief Executive Officer

Claus Schøneberg

Full Stack Developer

Peder Laugesen

Student Helper