Blue Water Shipping

CertWare has simplified countless tasks for us – thus releasing resources and streamlining the processes and through that, the performance of my team. 
The result is more value for the customer and for Blue Water Shipping in general.

Søren Messman

General Manager, Port Service

Kasper Poulsen

Sales Manager

Our experience is that if an idea for a change or for a new user interface pops up, the CertWare Platform has shown to be agile enough that it will adapt to any need or the idea we might have.

We have been so pleased with our cooperation with CertWare, that we have recommended our customers and suppliers to use the same platform. The more CertWare-users within our network makes our, and their, work process much easier.

Patrick Skyttehave

Team Leader, PPE

The design of our platform is responsive, and can be used by anyone. You get a complete overview, that you can access everywhere.