40 years of experience

Certware was created in natural conjunction with Offshore Service & Equipment, which has more than 40 years of experience in the maritime, industrial and energy industry.

CertWare is created on the basis of market needs

The company is established on the basis of operational experience acquired over many years. Through the years, experience has lead to an understanding in the diversity of needs, depending on each individual company’s core operation.

Our knowledge lies within the understanding of businesses, aswell as coding and programming. Therefore, we focus our time and energy on assesing our customers needs, while coding and programming is handed over to experts. Our most important task, is to identify the needs of our customers, and put together a solution which controls all assets, from personel, milling wings to the smallest piece of equipment.

The CertWare platform provides additional ressources and optimizes the customers operation, business processes and data usage. Each individual user is considered as a sparring partner in the further developmen of our playform, making every single user an important partner for us.

What we aim for.

We want to allocate time for our customers.

We streamline and simplify all aspects of maintenance, certification, and overall management of company assets through a simple digital solution.

The streamlining is releasing ressources and time. The optimal utilization of time gives our customers a competitive edge, as we release time from administration which enables our customers to focus on development and value-creating activities.

The Team

Claus Harbo

Board Chairman & Partner

Anders Klastrup

Chief Executive Officer

Claus Sch√łneberg

Full Stack Developer

Peder Laugesen