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Currently there is no standard method for issuing certificates. Certificates are sent in hard copy, various file types or through supplier specific data systems.

Companies, suppliers and auditors are forced to perform manual, time consuming and comprehensive tasks in order to meet the safety requirements of the industry.


CertWare is a web-based collaboration platform that not only allows collaboration but simplifies processes at the same time.

One platform that unites manufacturers, suppliers and auditors.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to outsource the filing process and grant access to your business partners.

An auditor or supplier will be able to access the necessary files, without any hassle.


Whether you are a customer, supplier or a supervisory authority the platform will give you access to the right information.

By using the CertWare platform you will only need to handle the certificates once. Afterwards, they can be accessed from any mobile device.

The feature “One point of entry” makes sure that all certificates are filed at the same destination. Suppliers and supervisory authorities are invited to join the platform, which gives them access to file and pull any certificate of interest.

One platform which unites all activities regarding certificates. You can re-certify, file and issue documentation. Furthermore, you can share information with auditors, suppliers and customers.


Yours and your supplier’s certificates are archived at the same place.


Issue reports directly through the platform.


Complete overview and traceability of documents.

A Collaborative Platform

Grant access auditors, customers and suppliers.

Our goal is, to free up time for our customers.

The platform makes it possible to gather certificates from the entire operation at one place. Yours, the suppliers and the equipment’s certificates can all be accessed from any mobile device.

Furthermore, the time-consuming task of filing can be outsourced to suppliers without compromising transparency and traceability.

Effective workflow

Access to certificates, manuals and reports from all mobile devices.

Smart Outsourcing

Outsourcing archiving and distributes data maintenance to suppliers.


Provides an effective and reliable tool for supervising and process overview.

Time Management

And documentation of rental equipment

Intelligent Automation

Scanning of products and notification of expiry of certificates.

Cloud based

Ensures quick access to all necessary information.

One Point of Entry


All Certificates

The responsive design of CertWare makes it easy for you to use the platform on any mobile phone, tablets or lab tops. One login gains you complete access to all your certificates.

No operations are the same, but regardless of whether you set up wind turbines, certify lifting gear or work on the North Sea, the platform can be adapted to your business needs.

Certificates on ladders, forklifts, crew or wind turbines; CertWare is designed to handle all types of certificates, regardless of extent, complexity or size.