At Envipa we work with a countless number of products that require precise and exact documentation and certificates. The product range includes wind turbines, cranes and fire extinguishers; all technical aids.


We have been using the CertWare platform for the last six months. During that period, we have seen significant savings in time of handling certificates and ease of access to documentation. Also, when it comes to traceability, CertWare has proven to be top of class.

At the same time, we have also acknowledged that the process of issuing a new certificate is not where we see the value of the platform. We use the platform on site and in the cars. That is, we work on a mobile device in the form of a tablet, for example, because it is easy to mark a check box or write a few words by hand, the old-fashioned way, on a hard copy checklist.

However, it does not outweigh the significant increase in traceability that Envipa has enabled.

The platform has also shown to be efficient in other areas of our operation. For instance, we use the platform for crew management which is not a specific module, but it just demonstrates that the program is multifunctional.

We have been so pleased with CertWare, that we have recommended it to others in the industry.

Kasper Poulsen
Sales Manager