We sell fall protection equipment, lift bags and maritime survival equipment, and for each sold item, we generate a certificate for the customer. Throughout the year, we generate a very high number of certificates and our customers need access to every single one of those certificates.

At the same time, we inspect used equipment and perform service on maritime equipment with applicable legislation. This part of our service generates even more certificates. Through CertWare, we gain a high level of traceability, which creates value for us and our customers.

When we swapped our old system out for the CertWare system, we now had a platform capable of generating a large number of certificates at a pace we had not seen before. At the same time, the team behind CertWare showed a great commitment and quickly adjusted the platform to suit our needs.

In the event of uploading larger series of certificates, we have seen a big saving in time. CertWare has developed the multi-upload feature and all you must do is create one item and add the serial number of the corresponding items. This enables us to upload large portions of equipment in no time. 

The CertWare platform enables our customers to locate their own certificate – regardless of their physical location. All it takes is an internet connection and a log-in.

 We have been so pleased with our cooperation with CertWare, that we have recommended our customers and suppliers to use the same platform. The more CertWare-users within our network makes our, and their, work process much easie

Patrick Skyttehave
Team Leader, PPE
Comtec Int / Carl Backs